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Singapore vs new Dimensions

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36 minutes ago, Paradox5 said:

Math in Focus using the group buy at Homeschool Buyers Co-Op.


Why do you like Math in Focus more?  I actually have MIF 1a here, but I thought Singapore Standards or their new elementary Dimensions might be more homeschool friendly to teach.

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7 minutes ago, u2006kids said:


They came out with a new elementary Dimensions series.  http://www.singaporemath.com/Dimensions_Math_s/219.htm  It's been all over their facebook page too.  Samples can be found here...http://dimensionsmath.com/sample-pages/.

I realize no one has probably used it yet, but just looking at the samples I wondered if anyone thought it might be a better option.

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I agree about trying the Singapore forums.  Dimensions is pretty new.  Personally, I wish they would have put a little more effort into the graphics, but those kind of things are important to me enjoying using a text.  They do not have the HIGs out yet either, which is a huge drawback for me. They do have Teacher Guides though, so you could get them and adapt to single student use.

I know a lot of people use MIF. I used one MIF book because my local homeschool supply was out of Primary Mathematics and I needed to keep rolling with my student.  I did not like it. It felt a little watered down to me, American-ized instead of the streamlined format that PM is. As soon as they restocked PM we went back (we were only 3 or 4 weeks into the MIF book).

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