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Alternate to Epi pen?

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There was a thread recently that talked about Epi pens. Several people mentioned an alternative that wasn't as expensive. I can't, for the life of me, find the thread.  What are the other epi pen type of medications out there?


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Auvi-Q (free with insurance  + coupon)

Adrenaclick ($10 with coupon--no insurance required--$110 without coupon)

My plan, with the current epipen shortage going on, is to live like we did back before 1985-- just to get a vial of epinephrine and pre-draw up some syringes for home use.  Epinephrine can be injected sub-q, and the studies have shown that keeping it in a light controlled box (like a pencil case) keeps it stable and bacteria free for at least three months.  We will still have the epipens here in case someone needs to auto inject quickly one handed, but regular injections are already a part of home life here, so no big deal for us.  The name brand epipens are what we will carry out and about in case someone needs to inject for us.


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