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Science - other than Bio, Chem, Physics

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My oldest will be a senior in the fall. She has taken Biology, Advanced Biology (Anatomy/Physiology), and this semester she took a concurrent Conceptual Chemistry at the local uni.

She knows where she wants to go to school and she should be admitted without issue, but because she also wants to play a sport at the school, we won't have 100% certainty of attending until she signs her NLI. All of that info just to show that while she should be admitted to this school regardless of a 4th science, I like to be prepared and would hate for her to be in a bind if something fell through.

She isn't interested in taking physics, and math is not her strong suit. She's very strong in English/history.

Looking for different science options. Help, please?

ETA: Not necessarily looking for another concurrent class, but something we can do at home.

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Earth Science

Meteorology (my one son did this using Meteorology Today by Ahrens - they have a workbook we got as well - you can buy older versions of both to make it cheaper)

Epidemiology - CDC has a free online course my other son took. You can also find Coursera courses on the topic.

None of these are math heavy.

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On 5/16/2018 at 8:05 AM, TN Mama said:

Thank you all for your ideas. After sharing with my daughter, she's most interested in forensics.


If you go with forensics, check out the Illustrated Guide to Home Forensic Science Experiments (ISBN: 978-1-449-33451-2)


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All of the GA Virtual School's content is located here. You won't have access to quizzes or tests, but you might could put those together yourself.  Forensics is one of the courses, and the one I linked. Just click on the subjects on the lower left to find others. 




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