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Kaplan ACT prep

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Hey, did you ever find an answer to this (from somewhere else, obviously - no one replied to your thread)?

I'm on here today searching ACT prep materials, myself.  We're using Kaplan's ACT Prep and I'm wondering how accurate the practice tests are.  DD16 is scoring in the low 30s on them (and that's an estimate, of course).  Ironically, her worst section is the Reading section.  I'm wondering how the practice tests compare to the real ACT.  

There are supposedly some Youtube ACT videos that are really good, too.  I need to go on there and look around.

Not sure if you're still lurking, since your thread is from a couple of weeks ago, but I would be interested to hear if you have some info/advice.

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14 hours ago, Bambam said:

We just used these. I think the latest one is actually from the ACT website. Based on one of these down under timed conditions, we were estimating mid 30s, and sure enough that is what she scored when she took the real one. 



I saw these yesterday and thought about printing one of them out, but they were several years old, so I wasn't sure...  I'll have her take these, too.  She's technically finishing up her sophomore year, so we have a lot of time.  

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We started with the released older ACT tests and moved into the newer ones so the ones she closest to her test were newer. The test has changed and continues to change, but in little ways each time so it doesn't hurt to start with something that is even from 2012 or older for the ACT if you know you have time to  get to a 2016 or newer released test by the date of your testing.

I have a freshman, too, so even this April's released test (that my junior took) will be a couple years old by the time my freshman takes the ACT.

Note: the SAT went through much more radical changes several years ago and the exact advice here does not apply to it.

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