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Suggestions for Reading Comprehension Grade 4

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My Kid goes to public school grade 3.School closes in another 20 days.She uses Reading Detective -Beginning for grade 3 to 4 for reading comprehension.We have five more pages left.Reading detective book is awesome(thanks to the suggestions from this forum).

I’m planning to buy the next book from reading detective but I would also like to know if there is any other workbooks similar to that.

Thank you.



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Many of my remedial students whose parents or teachers think they have reading comprehension problems actually have subtle decoding problems, and when remediated have no trouble with comprehension.  Also, reading at least a grade or two above grade level makes comprehension easier.  So, I like to make sure students are at least one grade level ahead.

Take the MWIA level 3 and grade level test linked at the bottom of my syllables page and use my syllables program to remediate if there is a slowdown on the MWIA or any words missed on the MWIA phonetic portion or if not at least one grade above level on the 40L quick screen test. Reading/syllablesspellsu.html

If there is a true comprehension problem, I like these Classical Academic Press Reasoning and Reading books, they have good sample pages so you can see which level would be needed.

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