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Any recommendations for World History and European History online High School course?

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We are homeschooling our daughter who will be in 10th grade. She is taking a Great Books Program which she loves. We would like to take some History. Any recommendations for a great online History -World History and European? 

Thank you so much!


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Would you consider an online AP course? There's Noah Nation. They offer both AP World History and AP European History - it's taught by AP graders. https://www.noahnation.org/ap-online-homeschool-courses

Circonline offers history courses as well: http://www.clrconline.com/high-school-history-courses/

I believe WellTrainedMind has some too, but their website isn't loading for me.

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Tom Richey is fantastic.  You could pull an approved AP syllabus online and pair it with his videos and some review books.  Not sure if you're married to the idea of a formal class or if you're okay teaching it yourself.

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