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Ideas for freeze and reheat food?


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My son will be staying on a college campus for a week this summer. The college can't accommodate his food allergies (tree nuts/sesame), and asked that he bring food for the week. He'll have a refrigerator w/freezer and microwave in the dorms. He can handle snacks and breakfast easily.

But I'd like to make ahead and freeze at least one, and preferably two, meals for him each day. He won't have a lot of time to make food and eat. So I want him to be able to simply reheat in the microwave. I have a few ideas of things that could freeze and reheat well, but would love some more. 

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 Yes, lasagna!

Burritos of any kind, really. 

And most casseroles. I make one with rice, chx, broccoli and a light cheese sauce.

Soup is quick, hearty and easy, if not summery. Or any kind of stew: beef stew, chili, chx pot pie, sloppy joes. Add a quick starch and some cheese/dairy to any of those and you have a solid meal. 


Fried rice with a protein food in it. 



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I freeze everything -- I cook twice a month:-) . We love burritos, pasta with veggies, I freeze breaded fish filets, fish tacos (everything separately), hamburgers, chicken taquitos, broccoli cheddar soup. You name it! I subscribed to Once a Month Meals online (16 dollars a month) for a few months and built up about 7 or 8 menus that I alternate between. There are a lot of good recipes and the directions are for freezing and reheating.

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