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Kindergarten planning 2018-2019


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MATH - Ray's Arithmetic and Horizon Math K/1st. 

PHONICS- Reading Made Easy With Blend Phonics. Blend Phonics Lessons and Stories. Phonics Pathways. Phonics readers plus McGuffey Primer.

READ ALOUDS- Bible, Literature,  State History and Science. Whatever she wants to read about.

WRITING- Practice printing. Start a cursive program. Her request.

Her lessons are short and we go as long as she is interested. She gets lots of free play. As much outside time as possible. 

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES - Circus school, swimming and a sport (maybe T-Ball)? Park days, field trips and helping at the local market. 

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DD is finally clicking with AAR Pre-level so I think will be moving into AAR1 by the summer/fall. Then add in MP FSR.

She is loving Miquon Orange so we will see how far she gets in the series. 

MP Kindergarten Enrichment. Mostly focus on that for science but she usually enjoys watching DS on his science which will be chemistry. 

Listen in to SOTW readings.

Artistic Pursuits.

She will continue with ballet, swimming and baseball.


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Right Start A 

All About Reading 1

Song School Spanish with an older sibling

listening in on America’s Story, veritas history online, and bju science

Bible study guide for all ages 

handwriting practice on a whiteboard 

lots of picture books and read alouds read by older siblings and lots of audiobooks

online Chinese lessons with Lingo Bus

Piano lessons

swim team - yep, she made the team as a preK kiddo  lol! Crazy child!

and I hope to do some art - it always seems to get missed!



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I think I accidentally posted my K plans in last year's thread awhile back, so I guess I'll repost it here where it should be.

5th and last K student! I have planned:

Progressive Phonics and begin ETC 1 when ready

Various colourful math workbooks, math games and maybe some free printables; possibly begin MM 1 by the end of the year if she's ready.

HWT K which she's already started, maybe other various free handwriting practice things when she's done.

Tag along history, music, art, Bible memory, lots of outside time, etc.

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Kiddo #3 will be in K next year.  The plan is:

Math Mammoth

Finish up OPGTR and do Explode the Code books 3 and 4

Lots of beginner chapter books

Joy of Handwriting + copywork

Maybe The Sentence Family with his next oldest brother

Tagging along with Mr. Q Physical Science

Selected chapters from SOTW 3 and The Complete Book of United States History with his brothers.

Maps, Charts and Graphs

Spanish class

Art class

Piano lessons

Gym + swimming

Speech Therapy

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DS6 is technically in first grade this upcoming year, but we're holding him back, I think (officially). He's ASD with a major receptive language delay, so this past year was more focused on working with him in specific readiness areas.

Reading -- continue with ASDReading (dot com)

Math -- Miquon

Writing -- MP Copybook

History, science, literature -- (tagging along with brother) MP Grade 1 Enrichment, MP Greek Myths

Religion -- (tagging along with brother) Leading the Little Ones to Mary, Living in God's Law

Recitation -- Mom-created using Living Memory, MP Recitation, and a few other resources

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We’re keeping it pretty basic for k this year. Just LOE and RS A. I’ll add in this as he needs them and of course he’ll be at the table for all of our morning time stuff - history, hymn, read-aloud, shakespeare, etc.  I might even let his sister do RS A with him to solidify HER math skills...but we’ll see. He may just want/need an hour of my divided attention on him alone! And I’m okay with that. ?

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On 8/9/2018 at 2:51 PM, Slache said:

Singapore and Reading Lessons Through Literature by herself.

The new American History by Notgrass, Apologia Zoology and Artistic Pursuits with big bro.

And apparently we're adding in the Japanese kana.

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