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New to homeschooling and moving to WV

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Hello! I'm a mother to a six year old, a three year old, and a one year old and currently living in the Chicago suburbs. I have read (a vast majority) of the WTM and I found it quite empowering. I have areas I feel I need to improve myself in, but I am looking forward to homeschooling my children. My husband is finishing up his degree and we will be moving to West Virginia in the next year so he can take over his family's business. We own a house in Kanawha county that we plan on moving back to. I just looked up the homeschooling laws and I was shocked how different they are than Illinois! I have a couple of questions I hope someone could help me with. Or maybe someone could point me to an organization that could help us navigate what we need to do once we are physically there?

1. When you give notice of your intent to homeschool it states that you need a minimum of a high school diploma from a regionally accredited high school. Would a high school diploma from a public school in Illinois (ranked as one of the top 1000 in the nation) count as "regionally accredited" or does it need to be a WV diploma? My high school is ranked literally 7000 places higher than the local high school so I think it'd be adequate? 

2. When it states that you need 180 days do I need to fill 180 days with six hours of education? That seems like more than what I thought a 6 year old would do in a day being homeschooled. I was anticipating more like 3-5 hours a day at first. Do you have ways to bulk up your day? We did homeschool kindergarten this year and my 6 year old literally spent an hour a day and seems to be ahead of her public school friends in her knowledge and abilities. I have no idea how I would have milked another 5 hours out of each day!

3. It states you have a choice between standardized testing, public school testing, or a portfolio reviewed by a certified teacher. My six year old is an anxious child and I worry that sending her to a strange place with strange people to do a test like she has never done would cause her to under perform. Are there certified teachers who I could hire/pay to review our portfolio and write a letter? I don't know if that is an option people use or not. Or perhaps any words of encouragement about little ones and standardized testing?

4. I was planning on doing a "curriculum" that wasn't worksheet intensive. Should I reconsider changing that in order to have ample "proof" of day to day work? Are there curriculums WV is more in favor of or more hostile towards?

5. Is WV hostile towards homeschoolers? Illinois has been such a breeze and so straight forward and now I am wondering if when we move if we will find other homeschoolers or if the public school boards will be showing up at my door every day? 

I'm so excited to move, but now I am feeling a bit sad. I love our days of gentle learning and loads of play time outdoors and adventures! Plus losing our support network. I wonder what we have gotten ourselves into! Sorry for the aimless rant and questions that are not totally related to WTM. 

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