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Transition from Saxon 7/6 and Singapore 5 to AoPS pre algebra

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I have a son who has completed Saxon 7/6 and another one who has completed Singapore 5.  I would love to combine them both for math.  Would AOPS pre algebra be appropriate for after Saxon 7/6 and Singapore 5?

Are there any other math programs you would recommend?

Thank you!


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I can’t comment on Saxon but I have had one go from Singapore 5 and the other from half Singapore 5-half BA5 into AOPS preA. It was great.  Please note the preA book takes most kids longer than a year. Often up to two 9-month school years.

Like I said I can’t comment on Saxon but I do know the style is very different. Will your student like to struggle through challenging problems to learn (each lesson begins with problems, not instruction)? 

Also, any particular reason to combine? AOPS is written to the student and self teaching. There are free online videos for all chapters in PreA, too. Other than clarifying some things and helping them find out where their work might have broke down, I don’t even know how I would teach it. And it is a good book to take at your own pace.  If you are at all worried about kids feeling competitive (or down on themselves because one is doing better than the other) I would choose two separate curricula.  

ETA Jousting Armadillos is another to consider

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I think also if your kids are anything like mine, (competitive) Aops would be hard to combine! The pace is SO individual, so while other subjects I can keep my twins chugging away at the same pace, for Aops even if they were on the same level, they would be probably very quickly get out of sync. It's hard to schedule Aops.

But yes, my son did Aops PreA after Singapore 5 (and a little stint, probably unnecessary, through half of Jousting Armadillos).  It took him 1 or 1 1/2 years to get through the book. 

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Thank you all! I have Aops Pre A and have ordered Jousting Armadillos, Dolciani and Jacob's to compare. 

I probably will end up using two different programs after reflecting on it a bit more. I was trying to make my life a little easier by combining them both, as they are so close in age. My younger one just completed Singapre 5 and my older one completed Saxon 7/6. 



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