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Tell me about Artistic Pursuits


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Up until now we have done a combination of gentle art classes at our umbrella school along with Meet the Masters and Home Art Studio at home. I am gearing up to buy our art program for next year and before I just grab Home Art Studio 3 and call it good, I would love to hear about Artistic Pursuits. I cannot get a feel for how it works from the samples. What I am most wanting to know is:

1. Is it teacher led or student independent?

2. Is it easy to teach? 

3. How does it line up with history (I heard someone mention this).We are doing Middle Ages next year and I will have 2nd and 3rd graders. 

4. I have an art loving and talented kid on the spectrum. He enjoys video based art but I would love to try something new that provides deeper learning. Has this curriculum frustrated your kids at all? What do you love about it? Anyone use it and abandon it for any reason? 

Thank you!


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I am only in K-3 Book One so far.

1. Teacher led, but some choose to start handing them over in middle school. 

2. Yes. Extremely. 

3. I had to reorganize some lessons but it's fine. I've since postponed the history cycle and am using Artistic Pursuits as written.

4. It's great and open-ended.

Bonus. Get the art set from either AP or RR so you're ready for each lesson.

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We've got K-3 Bk 1 & 2 and the first middle school book.

1.  K-3 is definitely teacher led.  Middle school can be either.

2. Yes.

3. It depends. Check the TOC of the books on Rainbow Resource or Christian Book.

4.  Both of my kids struggled with it, but they're perfectionists. If it didn't look *just so*, they became frustrated. For artsy kids who aren't wanting their finished product to be identical to the example, it'd be great. I really like some of the projects. We ultimately outsourced art because it was too much of a headache for us. 

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Agreeing with everybody else so far - teacher led for elementary and on their own for middle school and very easy to implement. We've used all levels up through middle school and loved all of them. We don't use it exactly as written, it breaks it up into 4 lessons/unit but we usually combine 2 or 3 of them and just do 2 lessons/ unit. I like it because it combines art appreciation with actually practicing the techniques. I like that it includes realistic student samples so my kids don't get as frustrated when theirs doesn't look "like it's supposed to". I am clueless about art and my kids aren't especially gifted in art either but there has been so much progress that I'm not thinking about switching anytime soon. Hope that helps! :)

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eta: we didn't have much luck matching it up for history, but it hasn't seemed to bother anybody so far
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