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Standardized testing that can be done at home?

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Help, need input ASAP as we are at a deadline for making a decision on our testing this spring!

We've done IOWA testing with our two children in the past, through a co-op setting.   I'm wondering what other testing others have done at home.  Pros/cons on different tests?  Either online or paper tests would be okay, and I have a bachelors so would meet that requirement if there is one.

I did crosspost this on the general forum, but what I didn't explain there -- we should technically have a special large print testing booklet.  It's the cost that is so high this year.  So I'm wondering if we can avoid that cost.  Either by using better magnification equipment at home, or an online version that would enable her to zoom in.  At any rate, it would be better if I could do the accommodation at home.

I should also add that we don't have any reporting requirement for our testing -- it's just that I want a record of progress and more info on strengths/weaknesses.  I am actually interested in one like the IOWA (to test and compare with grade level) -- and then additionally one later that would test aptitude.  Has anyone here done this at home with special needs?

Thank you for your help!

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Yeah I would just call CLP or Seton and see if either can accommodate your needs. Online might be the way to go.

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