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Middlemarch Book 6

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This will finally have us caught up! 

I'm currently only on Chapter 47 which is still in Book 5. Everything I post here will be from discussions I found online. 

I'll keep this very short -

We learn more about Bulstrode's background including things that will ruin him. Will and Rosamond's finances are in bad shape. Rosamond miscarries which brings some tender moments between husband and wife even though the marriage is by now somewhat rocky. Fred goes to work for Mr. Garth so he can win Mary by choosing a stable profession. Mr. Vincy believes he's throwing his education away. Mrs. Garth is disappointed her daughter didn't choose Farebrother over Fred. Mrs. Cadawallader hopes to get Dorothea remarried quickly to cut off rumors about her and Will. Dorothea begins to think about Will in a romantic way she hadn't considered before but she channels her energy towards her first love - social improvements. Finally, in a you-can't-stop-progress move, the railroad comes to Middlemarch. Certainly not everyone is happy about this new contraption and what it will do to their way of life.




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