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Saxon to Chalkdust

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My DS (12 yr. old) is finishing up Saxon 8/7 in a couple months.  He typically scores 90% or above on the tests and 80% or above on the mixed practice. He is always required to correct any missed problems and does so with no trouble for the most part. Occasionally, I need to go over a concept with him but it usually doesn't take too much effort before he "gets it". I already own all the Chalkdust math (pre-algebra through pre-calc) from my older boys. However, for some reason, I'm concerned about him going straight from 8/7 to Chalkdust Algebra I.  (maybe because my older boys always did pre-algebra first--math was not their strength) Has anyone ever done this? 8/7 straight to Chalkdust Algebra I? or something similar...any thoughts? how did it go?

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