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Lux Writing Center or Bravewriter class for English essay help in 10th?

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My son is finishing up 9th grade, and we are deciding what classes he will take in the fall. He is a STEM focused student, but could use some help in writing. I'm not sure we want to commit to the time and expense of a full year outside English class (as opposed to teaching it at home). He told me recently that he wants additional help from a writing teacher. So I thought we could either use Lux Writing Center or take a Bravewriter class (maybe Expository Essay?). That way we are still doing the lit portion at home and saving a little money. Any recommendations for one over the other? 

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We used Mr. Lux when he was still with WriteGuide, and my dd has also taken a few of the Bravewriter Essay classes.

You pretty much can't go wrong; they're both great.  Maybe pick more based on your goal?

The Bravewriter classes are 6-8 weeks and have a specific theme.

I'm not sure if Mr. Lux's service still works like when he was with WriteGuide?  With WG we'd have one submission and one reply/edit/interaction from teacher per day - but if you missed a day, you missed it - the WG tutors wouldn't nag you, they'd just move on to the next day.  WG used to also let you share among different kids, so I had my twins share and they'd each submit something every other day, which was less intense and made the whole thing more affordable!  You could start or stop anytime, too, or suspend if you had a vacation or They could write on anything you wanted, and the tutors (one of whom was Mr. Lux) would work individually on what kind of writing you (kid and/or homeschool mom) wanted. Anyway, maybe now he's solo he's moved to a different model?  But he was a very good teacher, one of their favorite tutors (we used at least 3).

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I don’t know the Lux classes. My 9th grader (also a STEM guy who needs to work on writing) did two Bravewriter classes. I was super impressed with them. At first I was a bit skeptical because they are pricey. But the amount of feedback he got was tremendous and very detailed. Also, even though the classes are only 4 weeks (the ones we did), they were fairly intense for a non-writer and I felt like we got our money’s worth. 

More importantly to me was that he agreed happily to do the second class. Every single other writing program/approach/curriculum has been something he has hated. His response to taking a second Bravewriter class was “Sure, those aren’t too bad.” That is like another kid saying it’s their dream to take the class and they won’t be happy unless they do. I’m planning on having him do one or two more classes next year. 


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