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"There's an app for that" (French)

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We are "after schooling" my 9yo son who is in 4th grade mostly to supplement his education at a French bilingual school. We had a meeting with the school today to discuss his progress, or in some cases lack of progress.  He his highly gifted but also ADHD and has struggled with basic reading in both French and English.  We have an online computer app we are going to start for English but, given all the educational apps available for the iPad, there has to be some basic learning apps for French.  I am not looking for Duolingo type vocab but more reading comprehension or grammar or basic language arts in French.  I do NOT speak French and can only read basic level so while I see several apps, I have no ideas what might be good.  Any one have any suggestions?

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The Hachette dictée apps are.... ok.  https://app-enfant.fr/applications/editeur/hachette/  I see they also have some revision apps now that look a bit more promising.  

The biggest issue is just that apps are not the best way to learn language skills.  There are a lot of fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, and other relatively weak recall methods.  But if you are just looking for brushing up, they might do the trick.  

Good luck!

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