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I am looking for a Accelerated Chemistry course with the curriculum of Novare Science and Math from John Mays. It just came to my attention that Wilson Hill Academy is offering such a course. Has anyone experience with WHA and in particular with the Pre- AP Chemistry course? Thank you so much!


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I don't have experience with the WHA course.

But, in case you are open to other providers, TPS has a Pre-AP Chem course that uses that book. My kids are taking it now. Feel free to PM me if you would like to know about this class.

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The Pre-AP Chem class at TPS is real time online. The students sign in, and see the ppt that the teacher puts up, and listens to her lecture. The students can type comments/respond to questions/ask questions. When instructed, they can also turn on their mic's and participate that way. My kids enjoy the class.

Because the class meets once a week, much of the material still needs to be self-learned. But the teacher provides many support materials such as videos and additional readings. She also holds office hours the week before a test and is very responsive by email. I've really appreciated the comments that she gives to the lab reports - my kids have made improvements in writing them due to her feedback.

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I have a few comments on the TPS Pre-AP Chem class. First, I agree with everything Joyful said. But I wanted to mention a few other things.

My son does not like this class. He dreads the lab reports and thinks Mrs. Selby expects too much. He thinks Chemistry is boring, so he is not thrilled with the text or the lectures. He doesn't like all the weekly resource videos and refuses to watch them because he's contrary. He complains about how much work it is. He moans about how much he has to think and study and plan ahead. The due dates for assignments are not staggered, so every few Mondays he has homework AND a test AND a lab report due.

His current average is 95.64% (TPS is very precise!) because he actually does the work and is learning, even though he complains a LOT. I do believe that he will be well prepared for college chemistry, especially since he is interested in engineering (because he loves math and physics).

I asked him if he would recommend this class to a friend and he said yes. "It's a fine class on the whole. I don't like parts of it but I've certainly learned a lot, even if I didn't want to." The formal lab reports are always a nightmare - for me! - with the last minute drama because he puts them off till the last minute, but he said this "If you say things properly and put some effort into it, you'll be fine."

IOW - we recommend this class!

ETA: One thing he does like is the math. He wishes there was more!

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