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Middle/High School SN Board?

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I have access to a special needs sub-forum that I was thinking was the middle/high school forum but it doesn't say "middle/high school" anywhere but if my memory serves correctly it has the same threads as the old one. Unless I'm remembering a different sub-forum. I'm honestly a little brain dead recently. I only asked to be part of that one though. So look for one that does not specify middle/high school. 



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I'm a member of the middle/high school learning challenges social group. Is that the one you mean? It shows up with my other "clubs" now, but I can't seem to get to any content. I'm still hoping more work is being done to resolve all these issues, so atm I'm just trying to be patient.

There are some significant privacy issues that don't seem to have been resolved yet in the clubs. Until that gets fixed, I'm debating about involvement in a couple of cases.

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1 hour ago, merry gardens said:

I believe it's part of the groups that are turned off temporarily due to technical issues. See this post: 

Yes, I'm sure you're right. The odd thing is that I can read and post on at least one other club with no difficulty, even though the topic listings are still a bit disorganized. But other groups, including the learning challenges one, are not apparently available at all yet.

That said, it's no rush. I'm profoundly grateful to have this forum. Making the switch to a new platform is clearly a massive endeavor.


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