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15 Dead in Bus Crash Carrying Hockey Team

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This is heartbreaking. A bus carrying a Junior hockey team and coaches. 

Junior hockey teams are young players from 16 to 21. This level is often used as step in the process to become a professional player. There are different leagues in Canada and US and they usually travel by bus as a team bc other teams are pretty far away. The further West (generally) , the more spread out the teams. These guys get so close bc they spend a lot of time together. Some players leave home and go to different cities for a chance to play on better teams.

This hits me hard bc we've always been a hockey family. I love the sport. Just the smell of a rink gives me such happy memories. Plus I had a very close family member who did radio color commentary for a team and he and the play-by-play guy travelled in the bus, too. He'd call from different towns and put the phone by the equipment so I could hear him call the game.

It is so sad.

Edited bc another life was lost.

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20 minutes ago, hornblower said:

I was just going to post to let you guys know Canadians are very sad today.  Very tragic. 

I'm so sorry. 

When I saw the team picture where they had all bleached their hair (for playoffs, I'm assuming) it felt like someone punched me in the solar plexus. They look so bright and young and happy and fearless and hopeful.

I've known so many boys and so many teams who've done that, the hair bleaching, and now this ending for some of these boys. Heartbreaking.

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I saw some very sad updates... The head coach has died, also a 16 yo player, the play-by-play radio guy who was travelling with the team...

I saw one picture of a 20 yo player who died who was holding up a puck that someone had written on. My DH will always get pucks for players who had memorable games or plays...like a puck for a goalie who had a shutout, a puck for a kid who scored a winning goal, hat trick puck, first goal of the season...And DH had a special pen to write on it, the date and why.

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We're all sad here over this.  One of my work partners was a billet family for one of the boys lost.  Kindly enough, our employer has given her extra time off to heal. It's hard to see so many so close to home who are connected to the tragedy.  We're a huge country geographically, but still such a small town in the grand scheme of things. 

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