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Torchlight- Any thoughts?

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Before the board blackout I saw a brief mention here of Torchlight, a new secular literature-based curriculum. Looking at it helped me fill the blackout, and I'm interested. It's still super-new (only kindergarten out, with 1 and 2 coming soon). Has anyone here also looked at it? I'm Christian, but I love the way that it really incorporates a broad, diverse selection of books. If I use it, it would be fairly loosely, as a way to discover books I wouldn't have otherwise found and to incorporate activities to go along with the books.

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I've bought it and am collecting books. Planning to start when more come in. It is pretty similar to the choices I made with my older kids but that was a hodgepodge of stuff we put together. This is way more organized and, for my last kid, it's exactly the type of thing I want to be doing. The Facebook users group is outstanding, btw. They constantly post awesome websites and other books, etc. 


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It is such a lovely program. The books and activities she has in the curriculum are diverse and beautiful. I ended up getting Level K, even though my youngest is in 1st, and we are still able to incorporate the books and certain activities, even though we aren't using it as scheduled. We will definitely be getting level 1 when it is released, as we are planning on doing Ancients next year, and this curriculum is so easily adjustable for a variety of ages (especially since you choose your own Math, Language Arts, etc so go along with it). 

Torchlight is a unique option IMO, and definitely refreshing to have some books incorporated that aren't the same old, same old that you find in everything else. Not that I don't LOVE classics, etc- but I like being able to do a little bit of everything- and this saves so much time vs trying to put things together myself. There are many books in there that I had never heard of, so I'm excited to see the next levels!

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