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Taking the SAT II after AP Chem?

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Who has taken the SAT II Chem after taking AP Chem that year? I've read this particular SAT is brutal... how is it for those that are taking AP Chem (specifically Chemadvantage)?

How much extra prep is required?

Do you take the May SAT date (same as AP exam) or wait until June SAT date?


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We didn't use Chemvantage but DD took SAT Chem in June after taking AP Chem in May. She took the practice test, decided she didn't know environmental chemistry, read the enviro chem chapter of her textbook. That was about it.

5 on AP, 800 on SAT.

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DS took it in May in the midst of all the APs.  He felt well prepared and got an 800.  If you are taking AP Chem with ChemAdvantage, tell Mr. Moskaluk that you are also taking the Chem SAT and he will give you some extra materials to study for that.

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DS says that it was not much more prep.  In addition to the material from Mr. Moskaluk, he took a practice test or two from the Barrons' review book as well as the one in the College Board SAT 2 book.  He suggests taking a practice test now to see how he'll do (just know that the Barron's tests are always a bit harder than the real thing.)

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