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17 minutes ago, onelittlemonkey said:

OtherJohn, if this has been addressed, forgive me.  In our club (parents of dc with mental health issues), we still can’t see past topics from pre-upgrade.   Should we consider those topics as gone?  If so, no worries!   I just don’t want to make another thread for certain topics if they might show up again.  

Also, thanks for dealing with all this!   Y’all are priceless!!!  

There’s a merge function where I was able to combine two different threads into one. I’m hoping that if/when the threads come back, I’ll be able to do some combining of duplicate threads.

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2 minutes ago, Amira said:

Politics has been mascarading as different several different clubs in the last few minutes.  :)

Yeah, I'm figuring I need to just wait a few hours & check in again later as changes & settings are probably in progress.

Thanks, OtherJohn & the IT support team! I really appreciate all the work you're doing to get these clubs back up.

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I own the Parenting Accelerated Learners group/club. I'm content to wait for bugs to get worked out, but I wanted to report what I'm seeing in case it's helpful for figuring out what the bugs are.

Earlier I was able to add a new topics tab, which I did, and I named it "Real Topics." I was able to post a test thread in that section (though I couldn't post in the default topics tab).

Now the new "Real Topics" tab I created has disappeared from my group. I can still see my thread in the "what's happening" section when I first go into the club, but when I click on the thread, it says it's part of the Fantasy & Sci Fi Geeks club (which I'm not even part of). And the "Real Topics" tab does appear inside that group, once I'm viewing the thread.


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1 hour ago, onelittlemonkey said:

Gosh, I hope not.  Mine is very sensitive.   If anyone has a chance, can you see if mine is showing up as public?  I tried logging out and checking it and it looked private to me, but just in case... 

it’s ‘parents of dc with mental health issues’.  If it’s showing to everyone, I’ll just remove it for now, if I can. 

I do not see your group in the club directory (I looked through all 10 pages).

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26 minutes ago, goldberry said:

On my mobile, I can't seem to get to clubs from the main forum page. Is there a way to do that?

On the top right, click on the menu (?) icon (three horizontal lines). When the menu opens, select "Browse" and then select "Clubs".

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