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Quick, tell me or show me your favorite kitchen spoon! Ecko doesn't make the one I like anymore...

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I need something for light stirring/mixing/scooping/serving but not a wooden spoon.  I feel like EVERY spoon I buy (nylon, silicone, etc.) comes apart at the seam where the 2 pieces are put together.  I can super glue, I guess, but I need a good, sturdy spoon that isn't too huge. (It cannot be too flexible or bendy, either!)  I will buy 5 or 6 of the winner.  lol

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I have a couple big metal spoons, but I "borrowed" them from Mom's kitchen drawer when I moved out 40 years ago.. I think one of them she had "borrowed" from her mom :-) So check the kitchen drawers of your older relatives for decent spoons. I think one was Revere ware.Nope - cheked - Reed & Barton. You might try Ebay of used 8 inch spoons like that. These Oneida stainless there look sturdy - https://www.ebay.com/itm/Oneida-Community-Twin-star-set-of-2-solid-serving-spoons-stainless-flatware/183101191959?hash=item2aa1ae7717:g:WtQAAOSwB15alzCC

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9 minutes ago, foxbridgeacademy said:

I have a great spoon that came with my set of The Rock brand pot/pan set.  I also really like my silicon with wood handle from Brandless.

Wait, The Rock has a line of cookware? That is kind of awesome. 

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