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HS Science Plan?

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Trying to plan my up-coming 9th grade son's year and I'm stuck on a science plan for him.  He's not a science-y guy and I really don't see him pursuing a science based career with the exception of computer science but that may be a bit of a stretch even.  He is currently making his way through Apologia's General.  We are in NC and according to the UNC school admission requirements it says:


Three course units in science including:

  • At least one unit in a life or biological science (for example, Biology),
  • At least one unit in phsyical science (for example, Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics), and
  • At least one laboratory course


I was thinking of having him do Apologia Physical in 9th, then Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.  Just wondering if this seems to be a good path for a kid like him.  

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Be open to other ideas.  My son took Environmental science in 9th.  Biology for 10th.  He will do Chemistry for 11th AND Geology.  I don't know if he will take a science his 12th grade year since by then he will have 4 sciences.  I just ask what he wanted to study.  Biology was a main one colleges want to see so he had to do it.  It's been a good year with Apologia and the student notebook.  I asked for either chemistry or physics and he chose chemistry.  The environmental science was his favorite and he's looking forward to Geology.  So be open to other ideas than just the traditional ones.  

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