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WTMA French I...opinions

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Hello. We did not do French 1 with WTMA but DD is currently doing French 2 with Sally Barstow at AIM academy (Debra Bell) and will continue in French 3 next year. She has loved the class and instruction. The one hour class did not seem sufficient initially for foreign language but Sally added a second class for French conversation over the winter (10 sessions) and we found a local Saturday French school. Given that we have the weekly 3 hour school now in addition to the weekly 1 hour class, we have enough instruction. In our circumstance, French 3 at WTMA for 2 days in addition seems like overkill for foreign language alone when she has other tough subjects to cover.  Again, this is not the answer to your question, but just putting it out there in case it helps you or another parent. Good luck. 

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