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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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TGIF everyone!


This is the last chance for anyone who wants to be in a text tackle group during the forum changeover to PM me their phone number. 


Ds has a rental car provided by the Other Driver's insurance company now so I do not have to drive him anymore to treatment

Do all the things at home that I've been neglecting.

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Good morning!  DH returns from his interviews in Philly today.  Just in time - some tube over by the pool pump has started leaking (looks like it was cut).  Kids tried to fix it, neighbor came over last night and tried to fix it.  Woke up today to find the entire hot tub drained out (and not into the pool).  Why do these things always happen when DH is not around??  Anyway....



-DS16 off to school (Easter Break is next week)

-call pool service company to fix hose/leak issue

-school with DS13

-work out (1 hour HiiT cardio)

-laundry (scrub the baseball uniforms that  have been sitting in the utility sink) DONE:  0

-Publix (put that off yesterday, too)

-library (ditto)

-call eye doctor for appointments

-relax and enjoy the rest of the day

-dinner (some sort of whole 30 shrimp scampi)


Catch you all next time on the group text or on the new boards!!  



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Good morning!


I've felt like this week has been so busy!  It will be nice for things to slow down for a day or two. 


Today is basically just get school done with ds and take him to a discipleship weekend with a friend's church. Then dh and I will have tonight and all day tomorrow to ourselves.


I don't think I'm going to do the group text and will just take this time off the boards to relax and do less. I'll still have tutoring, school, church, and co-op, but maybe I can find some relaxing things to do in the midst of it all. 


See you all next week! I'm excited to see what the new format looks like. 

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Good morning!


Hurray, it's almost the weekend! We're supposed to get hammered by a big snowstorm tonight and tomorrow.


•workers in the house again today (We're redoing our big brick fireplace in gray limestone and incorporated a fossil of a cephalopod (ancient, squid-like creature) that ds19 found. It's about 48" long by 9-10" high. We're in the stone business and find fossils often, and this is one of the biggest and best we've ever found. It looks pretty cool. :) )


•office work - end of the month stuff

•get bank deposits ready

•farrier appt. (make sure I have cash)

•errands - bank, gas, post office

•stop at grocery store to get supplies before the storm

•take Buttercup to vet for injection and incision check

•pick up takeout for dinner

•read and relax tonight


See you on the group text!


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Good morning!


We are spending the day downtown:

FT to art museum


Out for lunch!

FT to state capitol


dinner - pork chops, sugar snap peas, spinach salad, and some other side.


I think I will not do the group texts. I'll try to give some extra time to orher things while the boards are down. ;)


If you haven't read Reg Guheert's thread about the board blackout, do. It's hilarious. Good to laugh at oursrlves!


Have a great day and a great weekend!

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Good morning

The school stuff is due after Easter, spring break officially starts when dd1 gets off the bus

- coffee.... lots of coffee

- read ch. 11 and 12 for history

- notes and review for ch 11 and 12 for history

- start issue paper due 4/8

- read primary documents and journal thoughts - 0/18 done

- read/notes/chapter reviews for chapters 9-13 in microbiology- ch 9 started

- unit 4 and 5questions for microbiology that are online and assigned as homework (unit 5 some how disappeared so if it’s back up, I will do them)- unit 4 about 1/2 done

- 4 and 5 study modules (get 20 points on exam if complete)- 0 out of 6 sections for unit 4 0 out of 8 for unit 5

- lab exercises-

- chicken research.... slowly reading raising chickens for dummies-

- dishes-

- tidy kitchen-

- tidy living room-

- laundry-

- fold/put away laundry

- start girls room reorganization

- dd1 off bus

- take girls to see dh at tattoo place

- dd1 B.B. gun club-

- tent camping research-

- Girl Scout stuff-

- dinner- meat pulled to thaw

- baths/showers-

- bedtime routine-

- anything else I get done

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Having a rough Friday so far.  Hoping this BS stops before afternoon, because I have a really busy evening where timing is important and I don't think running to the bathroom every half hour is gonna work.


  • Been up part of the night dealing with health stuff.
  • Kids up & off to school bus on time.
  • Need to make a run to the drugstore.
  • Social media & work emails bla bla bla.
  • Work - getting close to a deadline and really need to send some stuff out.
  • Maids are supposed to come, but I don't have time or energy to do anything about that.  I give up.  Someone else can deal with it.
  • Print tickets.
  • Pack up kid's performance uniform & bring $$ for food & parking.  (Hope I'm not forgetting anything.)
  • Pick up kids after bowlling - probably grab food on the way to picking them up kuz no time after.
  • Kid 1 to practice before performance.
  • Putz around waiting for performance.
  • Performance, then watch basketball game.
  • Whatever we have energy for after that.
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Good morning! Selkie, that fossil sounds so cool! Dd2 had a great swimming day yesterday-though today might be a little rough. I am enjoying the peace here at home-she is the bulk of my driving duties. She will get her license at the beginning of May and wow, life will be easier! I leave for London before the board comes back- so I will see you all in about 2 weeks!


To do:



ds3 haircut

school with boys

a few emails

check times and maybe talk to dd2


fabric store?

ds3 to tennis

ds2 to aikido

pick up ds3

pizza for dinner


Have a great day!




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Wow! You guys sound SO busy today!


We’re recoveing from some nasty viral thing. My jnfusion is postponed until I am fully human again.


So today? Working on sewing some play costumes. Getting ready for three days in Des Moines for State Mock Trial.




Pick up my EGGS!!!!

I get to use my new (to me) Brinsea Octagon ECO 20 incubator. I am SO beyond excited!!!


Ask me what’s going in it!!


Blue splash marans and lavender Ameracaunas!!!!!

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Hello to everybody. I will not do the group texts, but will be thinking of everyone and looking forward to updates once the boards are back.


It's a beautiful spring day, at last, even though the ground is covered with snow. Home this evening, at last. Dinner is chicken tenders, just supermarket ones. Tomorrow will be our last corned beef, with red cabbage and apples.


Order lamb for Easter and get some decent candy for same. Figure out something for Easter dessert. We've been doing a Nigella Lawson chocolate cake with whipped cream and Cadbury eggs on top (like a birds nest), but I don't love it. I am wondering about Russian paska and kulich.


We will dye eggs with ordinary food coloring. I have been through the Martha Stewart thing with natural dyes. The only reason I'd do that again would be if I had an Instagram and wanted to show off a bit, lol. We also have a supply of egg wraps, which are shrink wraps that go around eggs and look a bit like Ukrainian painted eggs.



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Pick up my EGGS!!!!

I get to use my new (to me) Brinsea Octagon ECO 20 incubator. I am SO beyond excited!!!


Ask me what’s going in it!!


Blue splash marans and lavender Ameracaunas!!!!!

How fun!


I'm not crazy about adult chickens (had my fill of taking care of them when I was a kid), but I love looking at the baby chicks at the feed store. They're adorable little balls of fluff!

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Did 2 loads laundry.


Cleaned the kitchen.


Finished morning horse chores and scrubbed grain buckets.


Did a little paperwork.


No farrier appt. today, he asked to reschedule for the second time. :glare:


I have managed to spill hot tea on myself twice today.





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Vet appt. is done. Went to the post office and the hardware store, which did not have the saw we need.


Buttercup and I are waiting in the car while the kids are in the grocery store.


Picking up Japanese food for dinner.


It's hard to believe we're getting a big snowstorm tonight because right now, it's about 50 degrees and sunny.

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