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Making Math Meaningful from Cornerstone

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I just saw this curriculum. It looks great.

But I haven't heard a thing about it. Anyone use this? What did you think?


I am looking for a book to use a few times a week that leads into discussions. Which this looks good for.


ETA: Looking at 1st grade

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It's still being published after 30 years, so clearly people are using it. :-) I think it's just that it's heavy on manipulatives/hands-on, and so many people *here* like Singapore and Math Mammoth and stuff.


MMM is a primary math course, not a supplement, in case you were thinking you would use it to supplement something else.

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I have used level 4 through to Algebra, in three different situations.

1. For my gifted DS (who was doing Algebra at age 8) - I did reduce some of the repetition for him.

2. For a fifth grader who was way behind - he was caught up to grade level in just over a year.

3. Level 4 with a group of remedial 4th and 5th graders - they finally got what math was all about and made huge progress.

I found it worked really well in all these situations. I haven't used the earlier levels because my DS started with Miquon.

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