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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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The forum is going to be down from March 24 - 28.  If anyone wants to be a part of a Tackle Text list, you can pm me your number and I will set up a group text.  If you don't, then I'll just see you once the forum is up and running again.  (A couple of people have responded but this is for those who might not have seen my invitation yet.)


I don't have to take ds to treatment tomorrow morning!

Juliet - vaccinations that she didn't get on Wed. because she threw up right before she was supposed to get them.



figure out dinner



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Good morning!  



-DS16 to school

-school with DS13

-workout (the 1 hour total body weights that I didn't do yesterday)

-laundry (scrubbing baseball uniforms)  DONE:  0

-get caught up in my reading

-grocery store


-call eye doc to schedule appointment for DS13 and myself (really, have been putting this off for months)

-DS16 two baseball practices (school team and travel team)

-dinner (shrimp scampi)

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Good morning!



•find a quiet spot in the house to do office work (pay credit card bills, finish up March paperwork)

•figure out if I need to make a grocery store run (big snowstorm headed our way this weekend)

•more research on treatment for dd's pony

•laundry - put away at least some of the towering heap of my clean clothes

•do some reading

•dinner: peanut curry over sticky rice

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Me!  I have been down with something viral for a couple days! Time to do something!



Ogle garden fences on Pinterest


Kiddo on bus


School stuff



Make a plan for supper


NO classes, driving, etc until 4:00 this afternoon.  None.  None!


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Good morning! I will be off the board for a while-the forum break starts off my vacation! So I guess, tomorrow will be my last Tackle thread for a while. Actually, with dd2 gone, life is much like a vacation  :laugh:! Not too much to do today-mostly little things and phone calls.


To do:

work with ds2

work with ds3

ds2 to cc

daily chores

clean bathrooms


watch for results from dd2's meet

some online things

a few phone calls

pack a little


ds3 to tennis

figure out tonight (waiting for a friend to set a time-might be waiting forever :glare: )

ds2 to judo


Have a great day!

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Good morning

The school stuff will be copy and pasted through out the week and things that are done will be deleted

- coffee.... lots of coffee

- get up and dressed- done

- get dd2 up and dressed- done

- make sure dd2 has everything she needs- done

- take dd2 to school- done

- read ch. 10 for history - done

- notes and ch. 10 review for history- done

- history discussion- initial post done and 3 replies- done

- ch. 10 quiz- done 14/15

- history videos- done

- start issue paper due 4/8

- read primary documents and journal thoughts- 0/8 done

- read/notes/chapter reviews for chapters 5-13 in microbiology- ch. 5, 6, 7, 8 completely done, ch 9 started

- unit 3,4 and 5 questions for microbiology that are online and assigned as homework- unit 3 is done, unit 4 about 1/2 done

- unit 3, 4 and 5 study modules (get 20 points on exam if complete)- 8 out of 8 sections done for unit 3 0 out of 6 sections for unit 4 0 out of 8 for unit 5

- lab exercises- I know the ones we will be doing after spring break (next week is spring break) and need to answer questions for one done this week

- chicken research.... slowly reading raising chickens for dummies-

- dishes- going in dishwasher

- tidy kitchen- round 1 done

- tidy living room- done

- laundry- load in dyer

- fold/put away laundry-

- pick girls up from school (dd1 has choir practice after school)- done

- turn in girls lunch money and dd2’s menu (dd1’s has already been turned in)- done

- make sure dd1 reads and practice spelling words and help with any homework- no more spelling this week, she got an A+ on her practice test yesterday

- have girls start cleaning their room (I’m doing a purge/reorganization tomorrow)- they say it’s done

- tent camping research-

- Girl Scout stuff-

- dinner- meat pulled to thaw.... decided to eat out... China Buffet

- baths/showers- my last peaceful shower for the next week and a half done

- bedtime routine-

- anything else I get done- paid a bill that was forgotten

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I lived through an 11am conference call.  Now life can proceed as normal ... until the next conference call.  :P

  • Up in the wee hours working and putzing.
  • Slept.
  • Kids up and off to the school bus - they had to run the whole way.  Hope the bus driver gave 'em hell.  :P
  • Took a nap.
  • Woke up and took care of some problems that would be TMI.
  • Worked.

To do:

  • Lots of work.
  • Amazon order.  Niece's birthday is almost upon us - I think her birthday gift will be late.  :/  No excuse other than I'm just tired.
  • Calendar.
  • Kids' work - finish Bible Basics badge, practice TKD form, any homework.  A little picking up kuz we are trying to stop being slobs.
  • Take kids to TKD belt test.  This is the last one before they try for Cho Dan Bo.  Hopefully they get Cho Dan Bo before summer as it affects how their summer classes will be scheduled.
  • Laundry - kids need gym suits for tomorrow.
  • Hand-wash performance leotard for tomorrow.
  • Whatever else gets done.

This is the last school night before class camp and then they have spring break.  So things will be different around here until April 9.  I don't think I'm gonna miss homework and grade stress.

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Ordered online for grocery pick up tonight on the way to AHG. This is new for me, but it's free and seems like a time saver. We'll see. It took me about 20 minutes to register, fill my cart, pay, and download the app. Future purchases should go faster. The store is right on my way.

Doesn't eliminate the need to stop at Trader Joe's this afternoon, though. Just means I will spend less. :)

Math is done.
Dd is doing Latin, and Ds is writing to his pen pal.
Lunch figured out.

Next up:
fold laundry    not happening. Dh can fold his own today.
shower and dress
plan devotional for AHG tonight

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human care is done "good enough".  Don't tell anyone that I haven't had a shower yet.  Someone beat me to the shower and I lost my window of opportunity.


pet care done


medical care done



kitchen- dishwasher rebooted.

laundry - laundry rebooted

paperwork- dealt with some insurance stuff from the car accident

dealt with some hospice stuff for MIL


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Laundry is making progress.

DW is running. 

Phone alarms set for things I might forget today.

Spelling and grammar are done.



Next up:

fill water bottles for the afternoon

head out for a busy, afternoon and evening


See y'all tomorrow.  :seeya:  


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Had an early start this morning, trip to city, had to shovel driveway first. We kept on top of yesterday's snow -- I did my last shovel after midnight, lol. The snow makes everything so bright that it was almost like daytime -- not too cold, no wind, gentle falling flakes -- beautiful!


Out tonight, but kids have leftover meatloaf for dinner. I make Ina Garten's recipe, but with more meat (about 3 1/2 lbs beef/pork), so enough for leftovers.

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Cleaned two bathrooms and dusted upstairs.


Cleaned out the fridge and cleaned the kitchen again.


Finished up laundry for the day and put away a basket of my clothes.


Figured out a tentative plan for dd's pony. First step will be sending hay samples to a lab to get tested for sugar and carb content.


Headed out for sanity-restoring horse time now. :)

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Cleaning done, meat thawing, dentist appointment done, meeting with a babysitter done, cookies baked. Not much school done.


Remaining: kids to auditions, dinner, a week of schoolwork checklists for the kiddos. Pondering whether to join the stampede to the grocery store pre-snowstorm.



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Not doing so great here.  Can I trade this old stupid body in for a new model?  (But preferably one that is already through menopause?)


I think I give up on the badge work for today.  I will force it on the weekend.

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Jean, again, thank you for these threads. I don't post on them often, but it is always good to know you and the others in this thread ate helping get me through tough days. Just watching (your) items get crossed off helps me.

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The kids passed their belt test.


I cooked dinner (something I don't usually do) and washed lots of dishes.  Kind of relaxing.


Homework is done.


Kids sleeping.


Read a little.


I am in a fix trying to decide whether it's better to try to sleep or not ....

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