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CLEP test after Apologia Chemistry?

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My kids are taking Apologia Chemistry through a local class. The only "intentions' for this was to give them a somewhat solid footing for AP Chem next year.


Their teacher insists that the kids can take the CLEP after Apologia Chemistry (they're using the second-edition Apologia Chemistry book - not the newer one, and NOT the Advanced Chemistry book).


This seems like nonsense to me, but I've ordered the prep materials anyway, so we can look it over and hopefully discover that he is correct!


Has anyone's student(s) taken the CLEP after using Apologia Chemistry? Was it successful?


(neither of them are considering a college major that will *require* Chemistry. They just have to take the 4-8 hours of any Lab Science, and if they pass a CLEP, that will work!)


(annnd, if this is possible, I'm re-thinking ds's need to take AP Chem next year. Maybe he should do AP Physics instead? AAAAAHHHHH!)

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I didn't go that route. But my oldest tells me she was well prepared for her freshman chemistry course required for engineers who weren't chemical engineering after she did 2nd edition apologia chemistry.


Locally, maybe someone in previous session did well with CLEP after the class.  Wanted to suggest that if you try, you might take this short fill in the gaps course on modernstates https://modernstates.org/course/chemistry/

and then practice tests before real thing (check if you library has the peterson clep practice tests online, or get a REA guide)



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My daughter took the Chemistry Clep and passed with a pretty good score. That being said she worked really hard learning the syllabus from REA and one she found online. At the time she took it the pass rate was very low ( 10% I think) on that Clep. Dd decided to take the Chemistry Clep 2 years after taking high school chemistry so her experience really does not match but not many here take Cleps so I decided to post.


We did use Apologia for our homescool chemistry so she had Apologia text for review. It is a good text per dh who has an undergrad chem degree so it might be enough. Because dd had done a Coursera class via Duke on her own while taking Apologia (maybe titled Intro to Chemistry) and was also able to access those lectures for review. She also ended up listening to several lectures from a higher level chemistry class on Coursera in order to cover all the topics on the syllabus.


My advice is compare the syllabus to what has been done in the Apologia class ad try a practice exam.

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If you want to be safe, DIVE sells a CLEP Professor program for cheap with assessment to determine weak areas, study materials, video instruction, and practice questions.  It might be worth an investment to ease you mind before you invest in the test?

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