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New Singapore series coming out


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Singapore has a banner saying there is a new series coming out this spring. The only information I could find was this and this forum comment:


"It is similar to Primary Mathematics, prior to the Common Core edition, but better..., at least for grades 1-5. It will be true to Primary Math more than to Common Core topics, though. There are periodic practices, reviews every half-semester, some challengers in the workbook. 

You will have to keep an eye on the web site for when samples are up. The one problem is that the Home Instructor's Guide won't be ready this year, though textbooks, workbooks, teacher guides for grade K-1 likely will be by April. The Teacher's Guide will be usable, though, by homeschoolers. There will be a Home Instructor's Guide for grades 1-5, but later."


Anybody have more info? I'm in the market for new curriculum.


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I'm up a bit of a creek here because I have $300 in charter funds to burn in the next week and I'd like to spend it on curriculum for next year, and I was thinking about Singapore anyway. Wish I could get my hands on some samples, or at least some real info on differences from regular Primary Math.

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I contacted Singapore and got this back. Slightly more info:


"You will have to check back in April on our web site for sample pages and prices and more information.

They will be less expensive than PM, the books will be full size, and there will be more content. All levels will not be available immediately, just pre-K through 2A and 3A initially, probably. Teacher Guides will be available, but Home Instructor’s Guides not until next year. So if you are using a higher level than that, and need to order immediately, you will have to wait until next year, I guess. But the approach is very similar and it will be possible to switch."

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