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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Not looking forward to this day. Snow, again, another nor'easter. Heavy, wet snow, 12-18 inches predicted, beginning this morning. NYC schools will be closed, not a good sign as this hardly ever happens.


I find it hard to concentrate when I am in the midst of a snowstorm.


I have plenty of food.



Selkie, this is for you, vegetarian recipes today on kitchn.com



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Good morning!


breakfast and lunch for dh

fed cats



To Do:

more coffee

meals                                               breakfast and lunch don

school with ds                                  some school finished


go over lesson for church tonight

finish choosing and getting things together for games at a party tomorrow



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I got up early because I need to send out something I was supposed to do last night.


The kids have a snow day today.  They will be thrilled, but me, not so much.  Well, at least this will give us time to finish an AHG badge without too much stress.


I hope the church thing this evening is not canceled.  My kids are supposed to do volunteer work for the dinner before, and play bells & sing in church.  Well I guess it's not the end of the world if it's canceled, but I think it would be disappointing.


Looked into the weather forecast.  My kids will be at camp next week (class trip).  I hope they have heated cabins.  :P  It's supposed to be 33 degrees the first night.


I have lots of work today, then I'm supposed to buy cookies for the church thing and get our butts there to volunteer.  (I really don't want to do the serving, but I signed my kids up for it.  Hopefully I can hide somewhere and just do clean-up after the meal.)  Afterwards it will be a rush to gymnastics, as this is the last class before their performance at a pro basketball game.


I also still need to do the scout newsletter and an amazon order.  I should do that early, as soon as I finish the reports I promised to my client last night....

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Good morning, breezy chilly (60s) FL morning here.  DH up in Philadelphia for his job interviews, which got cancelled because of the storm.  They are rescheduled for tomorrow and Friday.



-DS16 off to school

-finish straightening up for cleaning people

-make marinade for chicken that HRH DS16 wants for lunch tomorrow and Thursday

-co-op with DS13

-come home to a nice clean house

-workout (1 hour total body weights)

-make dinner (marinated chicken, vegetables, noodles)


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Good morning!


First on my list, correct a HUGE overpayment to a utlitity through my bank. Misplaced a decimal. Yikes! Watching the clock til they open and I can speak with a live person. 

Spoke to the bank and the utlilty, they were very helpful and pleasant. The payment cleared, but hopefully the money will be sent back into my account by tomorrow or Friday. Ugh, I hate making such stupid mistakes!



School, as usual

Visit mom and take her some food

Pick up milk. No rush, because it is cold here today.


DW run and unloaded

Walk the dog. Exercise for me and for him!


dinner - meatloaf, potatoes, green beans, tomato and artichoke heart salad. MADE! 


No church tonight, because of Spring Break. We took last week off, but most of the private schools, including our church's school, take this week. 

Maybe watch Nature on PBS after dinner? Or finish the monopoly game that has taken over the coffee table? Listen to a podcast?



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Ha, I almost forgot to take out the garbage.  It's out, but dragging it through really heavy snow was a mini work-out.  :)  I also had to shake the snow off the bushes in order to clear a path for me to walk.


Got several work reports out.  Emailed the youth group lady about when to show up tonight.  Assigned my kids' duties for the day.  (They will shirk their duties though, so I will have to monitor and remind.)


Back to work in a few.

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Good morning!


It's another noisy and hectic day of construction in our house. Lots of progress is being made!



•put away laundry

•dust and vacuum basement

•clean humidifier

•make a big bowl of salad

•water plants

•more research on Equine Metabolic Syndrome

•look on Pinterest for ideas on stair railings

•dd Art Club & violin lesson

•dinner: sushi bowls with seaweed salad and pickled radish

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Good morning

The school stuff will be copy and pasted through out the week and things that are done will be deleted

- coffee.... lots of coffee

- get up and dressed- done

- get dd2 up and dressed- done

- make sure dd2 has everything she needs- done

- take dd2 to school- done

- read ch. 10 for history - done

- notes and ch. 10 review for history

- history discussion- initial post done and 1 reply

- ch. 10 quiz

- history videos

- start issue paper due 4/8

- read primary documents and journal thoughts- 0/8 done

- read/notes/chapter reviews for chapters 5-13 in microbiology- ch. 5, 6, 7, 8 completely done, ch 9 started

- unit 3,4 and 5 questions for microbiology that are online and assigned as homework- unit 3 is done, unit 4 about 1/2 done

- unit 3, 4 and 5 study modules (get 20 points on exam if complete)- 8 out of 8 sections done for unit 3 0 out of 6 sections for unit 4 0 out of 8 for unit 5

- lab exercises- I know the ones we will be doing after spring break (next week is spring break) and need to answer questions for one done this week

- study for today’s exam

- make a dentist appointment for me to get another tooth taken care of (most likely pulled)- done

- chicken research.... slowly reading raising chickens for dummies-

- dishes-

- tidy kitchen-

- tidy living room- round 1 done

- laundry- not enough for a load

- fold/put away- see above

- girls off bus

- make sure girls have entertainment for dh’s work/archery

- make sure dd1 reads and practice spelling words and help with any homework-

- pack back pack (make sure iPad and phone are charged)-

- take girls to dh-

- pick up classmate-

- school-

- tent camping research-

- Girl Scout stuff-

- dinner- meat pulled to thaw

- baths/showers-

- bedtime routine-

- anything else I get done- filled up car, printed some stuff, updated planner

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Good morning! I am back from taking dd2 to the airport-she is excited and is hoping for a good meet. The coaches said it was weird that I am not going (first championship meet I have missed at the club level) but I am actually not at all sorry. :lol: If I could go just with the girls and the coaches, it would be great. But the parents---ack. Five days is too, too long.

Dh and ds3 are skiing today and ds2 just rolled out of bed. I have nothing to do except for a few chores and a nearly empty house. Woo hoo!


To do:

finish breakfast, paper, extra coffee

some work with ds2

clean kitchen


maybe a couple of chores-maybe not

ds2 to aikido on bus

Figure out dinner


Have a great day!


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Dropped ds off at the chiropractor.


Now:  the forum is going to be down from March 24 - 28.  If anyone wants to be a part of a Tackle Text list, you can pm me your number and I will set up a group text.  If you don't, then I'll just see you once the forum is up and running again. 

I will pm you. I can't start my morning without the Tackle list.

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Is there a name for a minor disappointment post? Dang it?


I got the buying price list from Replacements -- a plate they sell for $119 is only worth $17 if I sell it them. And lesser priced items hardly worth the trouble. Similar very low offers across the board.


I may keep a few things, less than a box full, until after AP exams and take up Ds on his offer to sell them and keep the money for himself. Now I am thinking it would be a good experience, and he could probably get a few hundred dollars. He takes good photos, likes online things in general, and wants to make money.



Ds asked about a commission. I told him he could keep any and all monies. Smiles!

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I'm not getting much done today because of all the construction activity in the house.


Did a few loads of laundry, dusted and vacuumed, and cleaned the humidifier.


Got the new clothes I ordered and they all fit, yay.


Selected our mantle and looked at stair railings.


Hung out with the horses for most of the afternoon to escape the noise.

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AM carpool (this is a 2 hour endeavor so yeah, it’s a task. Probably my most loathed chore.)

Library run

Accounting work

Homeschool classes for my younger son.

Trader Joe’s


Still to do:


Onsite with accounting client (who doesn’t mind my younger son reading in her living room)

PM commute

Pickup Kindle from Buy Nothing

Cook dinner

Complete a taxation exam

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Now done:


-Onsite with accounting client

-PM commute (the upside of a client running late is that I missed the most of the traffic heading home since we were there until after 6pm)

-Pickup Kindle from Buy Nothing

-Cook dinner. Well “done†in that I got home and proceeded to toast bagels and lay that out with some smoked salmon and fruit. That’s enough dinner when we got home at 7:15, lol.


Still to do:


Complete a taxation exam


And now I also want to set up the free kindle. Woot!

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I procrastinated on my taxation exam and rescheduled it for tomorrow AM.  On the upside, while I was procrastinating I prepared our amended 2017 tax return so that albatross is off my to-do list.  I somehow initially over-reported our income.  As such, we will be receiving $844 back that we overpaid.  There are worse ways to spend an hour.  


And no, my exam has nothing to do with personal taxation, lol.  

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