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Question re: Getty Dubay Series


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I am considering ordering one of the handwriting workbooks from the Getty Dubay series for my 5th grade daughter.  Her handwriting is "ok," but it often ends up rather sloppy, as she tends to be lazy with it.  She has gone through several Pentime books, which we really like, but I'd like her to focus more on legible printing.  One thing I've noticed is that she often starts her letters from the bottom and goes up (with certain letters).  She went to public school for kindergarten, and I think she was taught that way there, although she did get instruction in writing from the top down after kindergarten. 


Anyway, I've been looking at the Getty Dubay series, and I'm just wondering which book she should start with?  I don't want her to feel that she's doing "baby" work, but I think there would be value for her in really practicing her letter formation, possibly with some tracing, before jumping into copying paragraphs.       

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I was also recently researching Getty-Dubay for my kids. I sent an email to customer service through the Getty-Dubay website (http://handwritingsuccess.com) and Barbara Getty herself responded! So if you don’t get responses here, you could try emailing and asking for their advice.


I’ve got a rising 4th grader and a rising 8th grader who could both use some penmanship lessons. Barbara Getty recommended Book D for the 4th grader and Book G for the 8th grader. Book G appears to review the italic print alphabet for the first 8 lessons or so and then it dives into cursive italic. I can’t give you feedback on how interesting the lessons are because they’re mighty cool to me, but I’m Mom. :) I plan to do the lessons with my kiddos over the summer.




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