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Principles of Mathematics by Masterbooks


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We tried it with my 6th grader daughter.  The math was doable for her but the lessons were too wordy for her.  Her reading speed at the time was pretty slow and I wasn't able to read them to her or with her.  We ended up dropping it because of the time the lessons were taking because of that.  She didn't want all the history, etc - she just wanted to be shown what to do and then get it done.  We read living math books and biographies as well so some of the information she had heard before.


Not really a negative, I thought the information and the math was fine, just too long for her.



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Ahhh, I can see that exac5 scenario happening with my DD. What did you switch to?


We had backed off to doing one lesson every two days (read one day and do the problems the next) so had gotten through most of the year.  We just did some online stuff, games, and read some living math books.  She really balked at doing the rest of the book since I said we would need to do a lesson a day to finish it within a school year.  So the next year we did MEP year 7.  She liked being able to do it more independently as well as online.

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