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Talk to me about MCT vs EIL language arts

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Talk to me about 8th grade Language Arts.  I wondering how your gifted/accelerated learner does with Michael Clay Thomas vs Excellence in Literature.  Do you prefer one program over the other for 8th grade level.  Can you do a mix of the two successfully?  I was thinking of going with EIL and adding MCT vocab.  


Thoughts anyone?  

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I haven’t used EIL, but I am familiar with it. It seems like there’s quite a different focus than MCT. EIL reminded me of high school honors/AP English - read a work of lit, discuss, write a paper (that’s the main focus) and in the middle of that do a little with grammar and language (poetics, literary devices), study some vocabulary. MCT has grammar, and poetics, and research writing, and literature, and vocabulary all emphasized in their own right and brought together in the context of English language.


I would assess your goals for the year and level at which your student is working and base my decision for any ELA resources on that.


ETA: I think you could use MCT vocabulary in addition to most any program.

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