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Dr hive: muscle strain with chills?


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Ds11 hurt his quadricep today and has chills. He ran a 5k last weekend with no preparation and this week he would occasionally tell me his legs hurt. I figured he was sore from that. Today he played 3 baseball games and played catcher several innings. In the third game, he slid into home and said his thigh just exploded in pain. He can’t/won’t walk on it, but it doesn’t look abnormal. Now, he is sitting in the house shivering and his arms have goosebumps. Is this something he needs to see a dr for, or just Motrin and rest? Or any other treatment? He seems to be tolerating the pain fine sitting on the couch-he is just really cold even though it is warm/he is dressed warm/is under a blanket.

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When my body is stressed, it tends to not want to thermo-regulate well.


I think you need to get his leg checked out, but not emergently. Keep him hydrated and warm along with the motrin.

I think you are right-he is in pain and it is making him cold. I get cold when I am stressed. I was worried for some reason that it might mean he had a more significant injury, but I don’t think so.


He fell asleep, so he is doesn’t seem to be in too much pain as long as he isn’t trying to put weight on it. I’ll see how it is in the morning.

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