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Anyone ever send a kid to school just for one grading period? UPDATED

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1 hour ago, EKS said:

If the elementary/middle school program is the official IB program for the lower grades (PYP and MYP), it is important to know that it is geared toward average learners.  If it is something that is specifically grooming young kids for the IB Diploma Program, then it may or may not be good for gifted kids.  Our experience with the IB Diploma Program (which is heavily dependent on how the individual school implements it) was that it was good for kids with high average to above average intelligence (but not necessarily gifted) who were more interested the arts and humanities than STEM and had, above all, excellent executive functioning

As a highly gifted (just because it matters in this context) kid and a total wash out of the IB program, that is the very best description I've ever heard of it. It is ideal for high achieving kids with good executive function. I was gifted, creative, a global thinker, into science vs philosophy, and hated every single minute of it. I only lasted one year and still carry the scars. 

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19 minutes ago, EKS said:

My son only lasted a semester...which was interesting to have to explain in my counselor letter!

If my parents had let me I would have left sooner. But we'd made an agreement for me to try it for one year...so one year it was. Blech. I had a teacher there tell me that leaving the IB program was the biggest mistake of my life. I looked him in the eye and told him I was 14 years old, I highly doubted this was the biggest mistake I'd ever make. 


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