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It still looks good, and if I were hsing again, I would make every effort to use all of the books. I love the way it teaches. :-)


ETA: It looks as if the originals are still available. The newer ones have more formatting and whatnot, but the content and teaching is the same as the originals.

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Yes, Ellie, I too loved the way WS teaches.  And I have several of the older copies.  But this new one seems to have fleshed out a daily lesson plan for the book, which was something that I REALLY needed.  And it has included the Reading Strands with it, so that you are alternating each week between either writing or reading.  I have one more little chickie at home to teach and she LOVES writing and reading.  She "could" be an english major......too soon to know.  I thought she would enjoy doing some WS for fun every few weeks.  


Over the years I have alternated between Writing Strands, Wordsmith Craftsman, and Lively Art of Writing for high school. I just keep coming back to those because they work.  Sometimes the oldies are the goodies. 


Thanks, Ellie!  And thank you SWB for recommending wonderful curriculum over the years!  





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