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Announcement--forum upgrade coming!!! MARCH 24-28: SEE UPDATE IN POST #18! VERY IMPORTANT REMINDER IN POST 21, PLEASE READ TODAY, FRIDAY, MARCH 23!!

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Dear Hive,


Some time in the near future, WE ARE UPGRADING OUR FORUMS! You'll have better security and better performance, and the upgrade should solve a number of the bugs that you guys have noted and asked us about.


EVERYTHING will transfer over. You'll still have all your posts, information, etc.


We'll be setting up a FAQ area and giving you clear ways to get help if you have ANY difficulty after the upgrade. And we're not doing this right away--I'm just giving you advance warning.


When we DO upgrade, the forums will be down for a time. But we'll give you exact days and time spans long before we start the process.


Stay tuned for more information!



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As many of you know, we run one of the largest homeschooling and classical-education forums in the known universe (although the Classical Education Crystal Creatures who live in the ice oceans beneath the surface of Ganymede are catching up). We will soon be upgrading our online forums to provide better performance, better security, and fewer bugs. This is a necessary move: the software that runs the current forums will soon be obsolete and vulnerable to problems.

We now have our moving dates: SATURDAY, MARCH 24 throughWEDNESDAY, MARCH 28. (It takes several days to migrate all of your posts and archives to the new forums, and to make sure they're working...and this is an ESTIMATE only; there may be complications and delays!)

While you're waiting for the forums to re-open, follow us on Twitter andFacebook for updates and information, or visit our new Instagram page for behind-the-scenes looks at the Well-Trained Mind team in action.

You should also check out this Support Page for help & answers regarding the new forums, access, etc.

All of your old posts and information should transfer over. You'll also be able to use your WTM store login as your forums login (because it's always good to reduce the number of passwords you have to remember, right?).

Let us know through the Support Page if you have any trouble after the transfer has taken place.

We are looking forward to all the great conversations y'all will have in the new space! Thanks for your patience while we work on it.

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The forums go down at midnight tonight for a major upgrade!


We're anticipating going live some time on March 28th, but that could possibly, maybe, worst case scenario, be delayed...we will keep you posted  on our other social media channels--Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram--for updates. Look out for, and use, the official hashtag: #GreatWTMBlackout.


If you experience any trouble logging on after the upgrade, please contact support immediately through https://support.welltrainedmind.com/hc/en-us/categories/115002017068-Forums.


That's it! Be prepared!! Care for each during the dark times!!!

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