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Middle School online writing class experiences?


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Looking for a possible online class for writing.  I need some help teaching this area.


We have completed IEW - 3 years in CC.  I feel like they are needing more help than

I can give them.  I really just don't know enough about writing myself.  So when they

are finishing something up say in WWS, I just am not sure if they are answering correct

or not.  Anyway, this is sad I know.  Im ready to just pay for help.


Any suggestions or great experiences?










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Well, my son has been taking expository writing through The Well Trained Mind Academy. Expository Writing 1-3 uses WWS 1-3. We have loved it and he's had a very good experience with it.  He has learned a whole lot and enjoyed the classes.  I use the teacher's book for WWS 1-3 to check his homework.


I should add that Expository Writing doesn't teach grammar or mechanics. If that is the issue then Grammar for the Well Trained Mind is scripted and assumes no previous information

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I was impressed by the class I sat in on for Open Tent Academy - their Middle school writing class. From what it sounds like she gives very good feedback and she really seemed to have a great rapport with the kids. The lesson was well presented, and she uses IEW format but adds her own twist, so that you are not locked into using that style. It meets every other week for 90 minutes, and right now is 20 percent off (until March 15). I ultimately decided not to put my kids in since I wanted to tie their essays in with our history and literature and I wanted more control. We will see if that was a mistake:-)

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