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Thinking of switching from AAS to R&S . . . how is it? level?

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I'm looking into switching to another spelling program that's more independent and just read an old thread about R&S that got me thinking maybe I should make a switch since we just finished level 3 today. I'm wondering which level I should go to after going through AAS Level 3 and how it compares?  Or are there any other good independent spelling programs?


I haven't looked through AAS4 yet but I'm starting to feel like it's too teacher intensive than they need (though we do our own modified version.) and we already do too many other teacher intensive things.  The last steps, I felt like we could have done in one or two days but maybe that's a good thing.


Especially since our time is limited (we afterschool in English subjects b/c they go to school in the am in a different language)  They like spelling but I' wondering if they just like AAS and also because it's short. They LOVE the writing station portion. Anyway, any experiences with either, ideas, opinions will be helpful for me to think this through.

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