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About the politics ban.....

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I think the *intent* was a complete, but possibly temporary, ban.


We were asked to remove political avatars. I can't imagine that the moderators thought political-themed avatars were off-limits, but statements in signature lines would be fine.


To me, it's sort of like me telling ds, "You may not play video games while I'm gone." If I come home and find he didn't play the game systems, but he *did* play games on the computer I would NOT buy his excuse of, "You said I couldn't play *video* games! You didn't say no *computer* games." He knew my intent, and tried to get off on a technicality.

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Oh, sorry!

I haven't been around all day; dog club drama, etc. I'm just getting a few minutes on the computer now---- my apologies if you've all been there, done that. I didn't by any means go back and read all the threads; just saw a couple that made me go :001_huh: and wondered. That's all!


I'll go away now! ;-)



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Answers your question if anyone is still unclear.


ETA: Oh, I see that upon a more careful read, you are asking specifically about signatures not avatars. Hillary has it right, I'm sure. Anything else would be a pretty blatant case of trying to split hairs, don't you think?

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Uhh....really, I"m just wondering--- it's a yes or no question.

I'm not looking to start a debate, fight, war, whatever.

Just wanted to know the answer to my question.


Because seriously, I'd never want to change my sig quote! I love it!


rock on,


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