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Spanish beyond 3

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I am a former (more than 16 years ago!!!)  Spanish teacher.  I considered myself to be almost fluent then, but that was a LONG time ago.  Raising kids and living life I have kept up with it enough to teach through Spanish 3.  Any recommendations for a Conversational class for next year or a Spanish 4 class.  I would hate for her to lose it, but we are getting on the edges of my abilities.  

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DD is taking Spanish 4 Conversation with Wilson Hill Academy. We weren't looking for anything intensive, just a class to keep up her Spanish until she has time for AP Spanish.


Ray Leven has a Spanish class for those not wanting to take AP Spanish.


A board member here may have a class for those not taking AP Spanish but wanting to converse, read literature and write essays.


Another thing to do is go with a tutor on italki.com, which is what we use, or any other place, and have your student converse 2-3 times per week which is what we do in summers and may do for next year, since Dd's workload might be too much if we add in a Spanish class that requires essays.

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