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Science ideas for 9th grader who's completed bio and physics

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My ds will be a 9th grader in the fall. He took high school biology last year and physics this year. He is planning for a STEM degree, possibly engineering or chemistry. He will take honors chemistry at our local ps. It is an 11th grade class and we're trying to decide if he'll take it in 9th or 10th. He will take science all 4 years, probably AP or cc the last 2 years. And he's completed Algebra 2. 


If he waits until 10th, any ideas of what he could take this coming year? 





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If you take a year off from the traditional sequence and don't want to do something like AP Env Sci, then I'd think your options would be wide open and it would be a good chance for him to study something that interests him that won't come up much or with as much depth later on. Not only good for him to follow an interest, but it would likely look good on paper to have something a little different too.

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Were bio and physics at honors level? If so, I would think that honors chem in 9th would be no more of a problem. 


If he wants to do something more interest-led before going down that road, geology was a pretty fun class for youngest. And i always wanted to do a high school forensics class, but we never quite fit it in. 

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