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YouTube video on learning to take science act - help me find it

Shelly in IL

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A number of years ago my eldest was taking the act for the second time and struggling with the science portion. Someone recommended a video that showed tips on how to take it. Are any old timers here who would have used and saved that video? I’d be thrilled for the help locating it. Thanks.

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These are the ones I've seen recommended here. 





And while this is older, you know, like those videos, I believe this is the version of the practice test he works through on those videos.


You'd only need to print off pages 42-55 to use along w/ the videos. Well, the answers too for reference, but he's going over the answers. Plus the answer sheet (page 74) if you want to use that, and practice coloring in those blasted bubbles. 

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Thank you! That’s the one I was thinking of. I don’t need a book for him - he’s already accepted into college for fall, just trying to spot improve for some scholarships. Thanks!


You're very welcome. Yeah, I realize you didn't ask about the book but I had to include it here because I was posting all the resources I know about in one place.  :lol:  And *I* would get the book too, but I can be over the top! Congrats on your dc's acceptance and may he get much scholarship money!





Thanks for sharing. I've got my last starting to take ACT practice tests pretty soon.


Glad to help!  :hurray:

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