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Have we just given up on the search feature?

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The search feature never returns recent content by a member.  For about two years now.  Right now, when I search for content by a member, the most recent results are from 2016.


I'm just wondering, have we given up hoping the search will ever work?  Are we even supposed to report anymore?



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I think they have given up on it.  Quite frustrating to not be able to find things in current threads.  Sometimes going to New Content and then searching finds current threads. Not always.     I'm pretty sure there a glitch or a wrong date in the coding for the search feature.  They probably need to find someone who can change coding to set it right.  And that may be expensive so not worth the effort for one issue. 

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whoops - double post.

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We need Homeschool Mom in AZ’s DH to go over the coding. Isn’t that part of what he does for a living?


OP—I have given up. I feel a twinge of guilt whenever I start a new thread when I *know* there’s an old one out there that could answer my question. But I can’t always find the old thread and am forced to start a new one to ask an old question.


I use google and type welltrainedmind before I put in what I’m searching for. It’s not perfect, but it’s ok.

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