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Modern States

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Perhaps these courses are new? Is that why no one is commenting?

My DS needs to have up to college "Spanish 102" for University so we may use theirs for a CLEP approach. He needs to take a placement test first.
They came out last year in 2017. 
not WTM:
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I didn't comment yesterday since I didn't see the thread until today.


Middle daughter is using Modern States this year in her "gap year". 

results so far: 

1. Sociology.  did the older modern states soc class (not the one showing currently).  Her class was part of edX Arizona State Unviersity course work.  Instead of going through ASU for credit, middle gal did the edX class via sign up with modern state, and then got REA guide to study.  passed.  She had not had any sociology in our homeschool high school.  Not much help on that since modern states now has its own review class and it's not what we did 6 months ago.


2. US history 1:  she did MFW's high school US 1 history (which uses BJU history for US) when in grade 11.  She reviewed with modern states course.  We needed more practice questions and tests to be confident for the exam. We had the REA book from when we got it with MFW.  did that.  passed very easily.  as in our jaws dropped seeing the 72 (out of scaled 80).  wow.  50 is pass.   the modern states course was taken at end of 2017 and so was the CLEP.


3. Us history 2: she did mfw's US2 (which uses BJU history just like us 1) when in grade 12.  She reviewed with modern states after new years and took test a few weeks ago.  passed this one easily as well.  Did some extra practice exams that our library has access to (peterson's stuff)  did not get REA guide.


So far, Modern States gave us vouchers for test fee.  And reimbursement in en route for test center proctor fee.


next up in our life is the biology clep.   She did regular apologia biology in grade 9, so it's been a while.  Started Modern States biology this month (after passing the US2 clep) and we'll do more practice exams than Modern States offers.  Just like we did multiple practice ACT exams, she benefits from a little extra practice.   Plan to take the CLEP after spring breaks locally and test center has a date.  should be within 4 weeks I think.  (update: passed bio) next update: also has passed Pre Calc, she did saxon the mfw way in high school followed by self study on modern states and practice tests.  a tutor (dad) was needed to help with some parts)


Overall, middle gal got extra practice exams.  Our library has some of the Peterson's prep tests online, and we have some access via military families route.  And I find cheap copies of REA guides, or pay the 12 dollar for online access to practice exams.


The courses are self paced.  I think they presume previous study while in high school and are refresher courses with test prep.  So far they have  paid for test vouchers.



ETA:  her goal is to take CLEP exams for general ed requirements.  plans to obtain associates at community college in early childhood, or teaching aide.  Maybe some day get bachelors, but it's where she is now.  And the specific test are accepted locally for both of those degree paths.


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Oh, I reviewed my notes from a previous thread and wanted to add this info:



middle gal is also doing the precalculus clep course.  That will be a while for her to be ready.  The college she intends to enroll will not accept the college alg or math CLEP but will do the pre calc.   She did Saxon advanced algebra in grade 12.  so we'll see how that goes. Math is not her strength.  If she can't pass this, she'll take it in college as a class.


While history and sociology were very straightforward (login, do this, read that), we 're figuring out the pre calc as we go in terms of do you just watch the video and do just the "homework", do you do all the odds in the optional text?  I'm sure we'll end up regretting trying this one and she'll end up taking a math course for her non-stem major.  But worth the effort?  dh has the math degree so he is teaching her after she attempts problems. We'll keep trying  with this one and either take the test by June or give up.  Going very slowly in this. I probably should have done better in grade 11 and 12 with her saxon work.



Reviews:  they did give legit vouchers for test fee.  Those are supposedly limited so when the 10,000 run out, I guess that's done???


I don't know if the courses would be full courses, but I know my daughter is reading all stuff and not just watching the videos.  I think the intent is these MOOC are done after you've had high school class in subject and just need to go the extra step to get ready to take the test.  However, she's spending a lot of time every day in it. If I were logging hours, I might lean toward class/credit.  But she's graduated, so I'm not mindful of that.  Others do not consider a class like this to be anything other than preparation for the test and not a way to learn the material.


We felt that we needed more than the practice offered at Modern States to do her best on the real tests.  That's why we got REA guides, and access to the peterson's practice tests (we are eligible via dept of defense, although some public libraries have those as well)

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I just read over on facebook page of Homeschooling for College Credit  that modern states will be starting vouchers for AP as well as clep.  still the same thing where you do your own full course study, then use modern states for "test prep".  

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