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Timeless- it’s back!!!!

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I do most of my tv watching after DH goes bed :-). I avoid comments from the peanut gallery that way lol. Only got 2 episodes in last night.


I can’t get broadcast channels over the air because our antenna broke so I am hoping Hulu puts it on the next day like Superstore and The Good Place. Otherwise I am going to end up a week behind.

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Well, you can give up Arrow, it’s not worth watching lol. And you can pause on Star Trek, cause it’s not coming back on on Sunday 😀. See, solved your problem 😀


(I get it though, I am also working through The Crown, rewatching SG1, we just finished The Amazing Race, and um.......a whole lot of cooking shows....I like cooking shows lol)



ETA: just FTR, I think Timeless is *almost* as good as SG1

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