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Sign that I'm a cheap homeschooling mom


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That reminds me of the time a number of years ago when the kids were shedding old receipts. The shredder got jammed so dh went over to fix it, then went back to the computer. "You want us to shred all this daddy?" "Hmm? Yeah." "Are you sure, daddy?" "Yes, yes, everything in that pile." A few moments later he discovered he had set all the tax documents down on top of the shred pile while he fixed the jam. Just lost a W-2 and something else we could re-download. The kids have never been interested in shedding again. Never.

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I didn’t let my older three write in them and now my fourth one can (they have absolutely no resell value now and I’ve gotten my money out of them). But when older dc caught on you would have thought I’d committed treason. “He gets to write in them!?!?†Perk of being the youngest 😂

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