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I have to share this victory with parents who will understand.

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For science, I just wrap in my 14yo SN son with my NT 11yo. For the past few weeks we've been doing a unit on outer space and the planets.


Today for home speech therapy, I had my son read out loud from a preschool book about the planets. It was a little rhyme book with about four lines per planet, starting with the Sun and working outward. We were practicing making good "S" sounds.


We got out to Neptune, and my son stopped reading and looked up at me. I could tell the wheels in his head were turning. Then he said to me, "That last planet must be really cold!"


Just the fact that he deduced this based on what we were reading astounded me. He hardly ever makes deductions; he nearly always needs to be explicitly taught everything.


I'm still floored. And happy. And tickled. And, and, and...

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That is great!! :)


I actually know a few normal adults who would not be able to deduce that or want to “waste†time thinking about that!

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Yay that is awesome. Also its like he really was tuning into that innervoice with reading!!! 


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