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Online math anyone used CLRC , Open Tent or Excelsior (HS Math Live)

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I know a few people that take through High School Math Live and love it, especially Brenda Barnett (she's the "owner" and teacher as well).  I'm not sure about Regina London, though, sorry.  The Algebra teacher is good, too, from what I've heard.  I can't remember her name, it she's still teaching through HSML.  The Geometry teacher is the only one I've heard concerns about.  You either do good with her or you don't.  She just doesn't "mesh" well with everyone with her teaching.  Some students "get" her and some students are lost as a goose.  She's nice, but just not for some students.  I think her name is Joy Combs (? not sure of the last name).  

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